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Your dreams are the spice of life, they are the inspiration for future success. Together we will make your vision a reality. Let Plains Coastal be your guide, your STEWARD OF STANDARDS℠

At Plains Coastal, we embrace a fiduciary relationship focused on your family and/or business, your resources, and your values to provide organized, objective, oversight of your financial house.

We deliver world-class advice through an ongoing dialogue of discovery, thoughtfully designed to help you identify, plan for, and enjoy your best life. You can rest assured that all of our advice comes with a fiduciary oath and will be delivered in common simple-to-understand language. We receive no commissions, no referral fees, no kickbacks, no performance fees (or participate in carried interest schemes) nor any other hidden or layered fees. Plains Coastal financial planning services are transparent, prudent, flexible, and we designed it that way for you.

    • Be confident your financial house is in order
    • Benefit from the latest financial technology and strategies applicable to your life
    • Get a simplified  financial “To-Do” list
    • Get a precise formula to make prudent decisions when you are faced with difficult trade-offs
    • Achieve your full potential through the strategic transformation of your financial planning and decision making process
    • Utilize Artificial Intelligence to enhance your Emotional Intelligence when it comes to life's most critical decisions to drive better outcomes
    • Work with an expert CFP® adviser fiduciary, who always has your back to help you identify behaviors that may put you at risk of fraud, abuse or lousy decision-making around your finances
    • Know your family’s hard-earned money is not at the mercy of the unchecked "gut-instinct" of a stockbroker or investment manager
    • Have a better awareness of your spending - and be able to control changes as you see fit
    • In the event of a catastrophic event - you will have already prepared for it
    • Gain a holistic view and a deeper understanding of your entire financial life
    • Benefit from practical strategies derived from massive collective intelligence
    • Conserve time and energy around financial decision making: advice, action, accountability and & results
    • Enjoy a clear-minded, empowered, refreshing confidence about your money and know-how excellent it feels to have trusted guidance truly
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    Does this sound like you?

    Our happy mission-driven clients come to us in all ages, they know they are at the point where they need to take their financial planning to the next level and don’t want to leave things to chance. They realize hiring an objective, licensed, and impartial professional financial planner is the prudent way to proceed. Often our clients have a pre-existing team of professional advisors in place for which we do not seek to replace or disturb, but to provide an invaluable perspective to elevate the impact you are trying to create with your most important and mission-critical financial decisions.

    Our unique structure allows us to participate in your team as a leader or as an observer, and can report to you directly or to a member of your team dependent on your unique needs and circumstances. Through our defined process and proprietary systems we will get to know you and 'your money' perhaps better than anyone on your team, but we will never 'touch' your money - meaning we will never have custody or discretionary or non-discretionary authority, this places us in a unique position to provide perspective beyond the balance sheet while establishing or maintaining peer-reviewed professional best practices across a myriad of financial disciplines.

    How plains coastal can help you when

    "life is good"

    You understand the core principles of sound financial management:

    1. Spend less than you earn
    2. Avoid debt
    3. Save for the future
    4. Keep important documents organized

    Perhaps you already have some terrific advisors in place (Brokers, CPAs, Attorneys, Private Bankers etc.) who you trust and work well with. Through your own life experiences it has become clear to you that wealth is more complicated than investments alone. You are at a point where you know that all your professionals need to take their planning to the next level-and not leave anything to chance. You need a real partner to be at the table with you, for you.

    We help verify your team is coordinating your efforts effectively & are using the best strategies available.

    Our ongoing services may be as simple as optimizing social security & retirement income, running the numbers as tax laws and legislation changes & getting objective guidance - without being sold a product or forced to transfer assets from one place to another.

    While each family is unique in its own way, there are many obstacles each family must overcome. Often in family businesses & family real estate partnerships there are sibling differences and professional interests which may complicate matters. Through our process and years of experience working with high net worth clients, there is rarely a situation we haven’t come across.

    We help our clients understand the many options that may be available to them and help them choose & implement the best solution for their family.

    How plains coastal can help you when


    Things have gotten more complex and you need help to get to the next level.

    It is not unusual to be confused or stuck when it comes to money matters. If you find yourself at a place where you cannot afford inaction and decisions must be made, the good news is we have a process to help you come to a decision in which you are happy with. Some of the questions we help our clients decide how they are going to take action about are:

    1. How do I handle my stock options and equity compensation?
    2. How should I manage my inheritance?
    3. How can I position my assets and income to buy a home?
    4. How can I get my financial house organized?
    5. How can we manage our student loan debt? Or save for our child’s college education?
    6. How can we reduce our tax bills?
    7. How to merge my finances with my partner in a way which works for each of us as both an individual AND as a couple?
    8. How can I give more to charity and causes I care about?

    Together, we can design a plan for you to get you back up to speed and resolve any financial confusion or complexity you may have going forward.

    Each family is unique and has its own set of challenges. There’s a high probability we’ve seen your situation over years of applying our process to high net-worth clients of all ages. Let us help identify solutions.

    We break down the options and landscape, help you understand and choose the best path forward & implement the best solution for your family’s needs-without shuffling money around.

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