Financial Planning
As it was Meant to be

Real Financial Planning Will Protect You & Improve Your Well-Being

We design, create, and oversee financial plans, the essential foundation for successful individuals and families. Our planning process is brief, focused, and positive. It begins with a confidential CLARITY BREAK℠, a one-hour focus session where we focus on the big picture and your highest priorities first, which often leads to a significant breakthrough of clarity and the relief of a clear path forward. It would be our pleasure to hear about your requirements and be of service to you.

does this sound like you?

  • Your time & energy is more precious than ever
  • Your relationships have never been more important
  • Your desire for simplicity, solitude & privacy is becoming paramount
  • Your dealing with a significant financial matter that has long term consequences

Plains Coastal will guide you without criticism, through life's financial decisions at each step along the way. We work to deal with the cloud of anxiety, intimidation, and procrastination around ALL your confidential money matters and redirect your needs and decisions towards positive outcomes.

Whether you need a second opinion, an added layer of  assurance, or a full-fledged wealth or business manager, we welcome your interest. Our unique structure allows us to participate in your team as a leader, or as an observer. We can report to you directly or to a member of your team dependent on your needs. If the list above resonates with your situation, we encourage you to book a confidential CLARITY BREAK℠ with us today. You have worked hard for what you have, utilizing our process may be the catalyst between mediocrity and the many long-term successful outcomes you desire.

on to the next success!

“a year from now you will be happy you started today

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Getting started has never been so simple

Step One

Say Hello

Schedule your no-cost custom session on your terms: In person, by phone, or by Secure Video Conference.

Send an email or book the call and we can chat about your financial planning needs or concerns. Together, we will determine if we are a good fit for each other. I love meeting people and discovering possibilities for financial decisions, challenges, and transitions, but this meeting is all about you.

Book THE call

Step two

GET your
one-page plan

Get your personalized strategy.

If the shoe fits, we will set up a complimentary planning session to craft a customized one-page strategy to position you to win. We will then put together a proposal with a clearly-stated flat-fee to continue our ongoing financial planning relationship.

Step three

ensure results

Enjoy your life!

We will provide unconditional support as we implement your plan together, on your terms. You will have confidence knowing you now have Plains Coastal objective organized oversight guiding you all along the way. A year from now, you will be happy you started today. If you enjoy the process-we can continue to serve you, on your terms, for as long as you see fit.

A year from now you will be happy you started today

A year from now you will be happy you started today

A year from now you will be happy you started today

A year from now you will be happy you started today

A year from now you will be happy you started today